Zeepro introduces Zim, the first personal 3D printer to feature a dual color printing head

With a team of 11, Zeepro is serious about creating a high quality 3D printer with a dual color print head. Philippe Guglielmetti, cofounder and Chief Executive Officer has been a successful serial entrepreneur since he was 19. His experience along with the other team members have positioned Zeepro to go big with a successful Kickstarter project. Keep an eye out on Friday, September 13th to get in on a piece of the action.

“In 1995, Philippe was the cofounder (with Pierre Gerard) and CEO of Integra, the leading pan-European company for managed web hosting and ecommerce web site operation. Integra was one of the first internet companies to be listed in Europe, and the sole company to be dual listed on the German and French stock markets. At 35 years of age, Philippe became the youngest CEO of the SBF120 Euronext index. Integra had operations in 10 countries in Europe. The company, with more than 1,200 employees, was sold to a subsidiary of Verizon in 2001. “

Here is the latest press release from Zeepro speaking to the specifications of the Zim 3D printer.

Zeepro Inc. introduces Zim, the first and only personal 3D printer to feature a dual color printing head, Ethernet & WiFi connectivity, an onboard micro-camera, smartphone and tablet control, and an exclusive refillable cartridge system. With Zim, 3D Printing is about to go mainstream, as everyone from hobbyists to children will now be able to print high quality 3D objects quickly and safely using various materials and colors, at an affordable price (Zim Kickstarter campaign pledges range from 599 USD to 899 USD).

The Zim project’s unique features include:

Dual printing head

Zim is built with one or two extruders. Now users can choose to either print a 3D object in multiple colors, or use one extruder to print in color while using the other extruder to print a support structure in PVA plastic (which dissolves in water).

Connected , plug & play and user friendly

Zim can be controlled remotely via smartphone, tablet, or PC using the printer’s built-in Ethernet and WiFi. Zim is also equipped with a state of the art micro-camera, so users can check in on their 3D printing projects even when they are on the go.

Exclusive refillable filament cartridge

Zim’s cartridge system loads the filaments automatically and safely into the extruders. Cartridges protect PVA from moisture and are convenient to store. Best of all, Zim’s cartridges are available in a rainbow of colors, and Zeepro offers a refillable cartridge for those who want to use their own filament.

Professional printability

Zeepro Zim
Zeepro Zim

Zim features a fine resolution (as low as 80 microns per layer) with a print volume of 205 cubic inches (5.9″x5.9″x5.9″). Zim prints 3D objects at a fast speed (up to 110 mm/s) in ABS or PLA, and provides more than 20 printing modes, ranging from standard to expert.

“We dreamt about making the best personal 3D printer in the world. We wanted it to be plug and play , as well as really easy to use. We also wanted it to be connected , precise and fast… all that enclosed in a beautiful design and affordable. We assembled a great team of highly motivated and talented designers and engineers. Together , we imagined Zim. We are very proud to present Zim on Kickstarter starting September 13th.” Philippe Guglielmetti , Zeepro’s CEO.

The Zim project will go live on Kickstarter September 13 th , 2013.

About Zeepro:

Zeepro aims to design and build the best personal 3D printers. Zeepro was founded by an experienced team of engineers , designers and entrepreneurs. Zeepro has 12 full time employees with operations in both the US and  Europe . The company has already raised 1 million USD in its first round of funding. For more information visit http://www.zeepro.com .

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