Natural Source Vending is the perfect marriage between food and technology

Natural Source VendingFollowing in the footsteps of Google and Facebook, Vancouver’s most progressive tech companies have found a way to improve staff morale and productivity in the simplest form possible – offering employees a free, in-office food service, including healthy and delicious choices. Sounds simple, but when Natural Source Vending began offering these solutions in early 2012, such services did not exist for companies in Vancouver.  Arguably, without the appearance of Natural Source Vending, full-service healthy food solutions would still be a thing of the future.

Company Origins

Early on, it was clear to Founder Cody Irwin, how the untapped niche in providing healthy alternatives could be a tremendous success in such a health-conscious and progressive city.  The traditional “junk food” vending machine industry had remained undeveloped for years, and upon seeing this hole in the market, he spent most of 2010 developing a business model; a model that would revolutionize vending by making healthy food choices quick, easy and effective.

What They Do

Now, Natural Source Vending has expanded its services beyond vending, to give forward thinking companies, namely in the tech industry, complete snack and beverage stations; putting them on the forefront of superior corporate culture.  By enlisting the services of Natural Source Vending, Vancouver industry leaders, Plenty of Fish and Mozilla, are realizing the many inherent benefits that come with offering health and quality-of-life enhancing employee perks, such as healthier, happier, and more energized staff, talent retention and attraction, productivity increases, and lower insurance premiums.

Furthermore, Natural Source Vending prides itself on maintaining a green footprint. Partnerships with progressive green companies like Frog Box and Bullfrog Power, as well as integrating eco business practices to reduce waste and power consumption, are just a few initiatives Natural Source Vending has built into its foundation since inception.

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