Blackberry Q10 great QWERTY phone and so much more

Blackberry Q10

The Blackberry Q10 might make some cringe because of its focus on the QWERTY Keyboard. I thought it would remind me of old Blackberry phone’s like the 9360 that looked almost laughable when compared against the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. I used to use the 9360 extensively and its clunky keyboard and lack of apps were a never-ending source of frustration.

While I think I would rather own a Z10 so I could have more screen real estate, the new Blackberry Q10 put all my criticisms to rest and quickly. While the QWERTY keys are an obvious focus of the phone, the rest of the bells and whistles and the BB10 operating system itself are more than enough.


Hardware wise the Blackberry Q10 might not be at the top of the list but they are solid and come with the following specifications.

  • BlackBerry® 10 operating system
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 processor
  • 16GB of Internal storage
  • 3.1″ Touch display. 720 x 720 resolution, 330ppi
  • 8MP Rear camera. 1080p HD video recording
  • 4GLTE Ready

Thanks to our friends at Telus, we were able to use the phone on their LTE network and it was super fast. I was able to download a number of apps via LTE and browse to what I needed on the internet quickly and efficiently.


Apps have been a thorn in Blackberry’s side in the past and it still lags for behind iOS and Android but with the new BB10, Blackberry is making strides however and with the Q10 I was able to load a number of apps I use on my iPhone 4S. I couldn’t get the Starbucks app to run but the Tim Horton’s app works great. Gmail was a paid app at .99 cents whereas that’s free for iOS and Android phones. I did not try to side load it. Mail Mail was a free client that I downloaded. I was able to get The Globe and Mail which is a favorite of mine on and the BC Lions app. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and FourSqaure all came installed on this phone. I also really liked the Battery Optimizer app that I found for BB10 and used that quite regularly to check on battery status on this phone.


It took time for me to get used to the Hub for Messaging and BBM, Blackberry’s popular messaging service. That being said they work as well if not better than anything on Android and iOS. BB10 also relies on the popular hook gesture to get you out of an app back to the main screen or on to another app. I struggled with that to be honest and since there is no home button like the iPhone it was quite humorous to watch me go screen to screen. I did however find myself missing the hook gesture while using my iPhone.

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