5 Photo Editing Apps for Android Devices

There are five great photo editing apps for android devices that users have at their disposal. Listed below are five of those.

#1 PicSay Pro picsaypro

PicSay Pro has both a free Lite version and a Pro Edition. With the Lite Version, you get basic editing features including adjustments to brightness, hue, tint, saturation, contrast, exposure, and temperature. It’s a good free photo editor, especially if your selfies just need a bit of tweaking. The Pro edition, however provides the basics as well as support for high-resolution editing for pictures up to 13MP for devices that can handle it. Included in the list of features that PicSay Pro offers are Pencil Sketch, red-eye removal, faux HDR, text, word balloons, sharpen, and distort. It costs around $4, and you’ll also get an add-on font package, which is awesome if you like adding text to your pictures.

#2 Snapseed


Facebook has Instagram; but Google has Snapseed, an image editing app with “built-in Google+ capabilities.” Like Instagram, Snapseed also offers a host of cool filters such as Vintage, Drama, Grunge, Black & White, and so on. The only thing that might bother you, especially if you’re used to Instagram’s interface, is that Snapseed’s tools and UI aren’t intuitive. Once you master them, though, you’ll enjoy the incredible level of control you can have over the app’s effects and filters.

#3 PicsArt


Sometimes we liken photo editors to virtual Private Branch Exchange or PBX. We do this because some of them sacrifice features or options to make them easier to use. With PicsArt, you can see that its developers thought about balancing the editing options it offers against keeping things simple. Its full-featured toolkit includes Magic Effects, sharing capabilities, Live Wallpaper, and a Picture Editor that has borders, frames, masks, collages, callouts, clipart graphics, color adjust, and more.

#4 Photo Editor by Aviary


If you’re still using your Flickr account, then there’s a chance that you’re already familiar with Aviary. With Aviary’s Photo Editor, you can shoot a new photo or edit an existing one, using the range of tools available within the app. The interface is pretty intuitive; you’ll find it easy to work via the bottom toolbar – just swipe through the categories for the changes you want to make. Photo Editor comes with the basics, as well a one-tap auto enhance feature and a set of cosmetic tools like red-eye removal, teeth whitening and blemish corrector.

#5 Pixlr Express


We’re big fans of Autodesk Inc.’s Pixlr-o-matic and we’re also pretty stoked about their other app, Pixlr Express. With more than 600 effects, borders, and overlays on offer, we’re pretty sure you won’t easily get bored with this photo editor. Pixlr Express also allows you to share your edited photo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For retouched pics that you don’t want to share yet on social media sites you can just save them to your Gallery.


Leslie Young has been a blogger, web designer and developer for 3 years. She usually writes about business communications, telecommunication tools such as business phones and cloud phones, as well as gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. Her experience has given her the opportunity to pursue her dream of being a web expert. She currently contributes to many sites as a guest blogger.  Follow her on Twitter & Facebook

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