Keep your children safe with Leo Smart Watch

The Leo Smart watch is the latest technology used to keep your children safe. It sounds a little over the top at first but I can see that some parents may be interested in adopting this device to keep their children safe from predators. Overall the media may be hyping the problem up more than necessary but still this gadget warranted some space here on Vancouver Gadgets.

Personally I wonder about the coolness effect on this one and what age range would feel comfortable wearing this watch. My thoughts are that parents may ask the child to wear the watch but the child may think its uncool to wear it after some time, especially once it begins to look dated. The video is interesting and definitely over the top at some points but it is interesting nevertheless. According to the Guardian Lion Wireless website the Leo includes 7 critically life-saving features:

    • Panic Button Alerts: Instantly transmits the child’s real-time location to parents via text message and to 911 emergency response.
    • Tamper-Proof Lockable Wrist-Strap:  The LEO is equipped with a titanium wrist-strap with an optional locking mechanism to prevent unwanted removal. The LEO will also send a tamper-alert to parents and to 911 if there is an attempt to improperly remove the device.
    • Safety-Zone Alerts: Parents are able to easily set-up safety-zones around areas such as schools, school walking routes and even around neighbourhoods during specific hours. The LEO will instantly alert loved ones the moment a child leaves or is taken from pre-defined areas.
    • Exclusion-Zones: Parents can also set-up exclusion zones that will instantly alert them if their child enters into a predetermined zone. (Example: a close proximity of a registered sex offender’s home)
    • Speed-Alerts: Speed-alerts give parents instant notification the moment their child is traveling too fast. (Example: parents can set the limit at a low rate of speed and be instantly notified the moment their child is traveling in someone’s vehicle… when they’re not supposed to be)
    • 24/7 Location Services: 24-hour internet or smart phone access to locate your child or loved ones.
    • Two-Way Voice Communications: The LEO is a wrist-worn cell phone, so rest assure that your loved ones are always within reach.

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