Facebook Rehab Bestseller “Forty Days Off Facebook” Hits #1 on Amazon

If you’ve been thinking about disconnecting from the social media behemoth Facebook you should take a look at the Facebook rehab bestseller “Forty Days Off Facebook”.  This book recently hit #1 on Amazon and is a great resource for anyone wishing to distance themselves from what can become a connecting yet isolating technology. Ryan Beale chronicles his journey to Facebook recovery when his life hits the tipping point.

Thirteen days after his divorce was finalized, Beale suffered the tragic loss of his older brother to suicide.  Always looking toward his big brother to push him further than he would push himself, Beale was forced to confront his new reality. He resolved to look inward in order to regain control of the chaos that was engulfing his life. However, he, like many others, was stuck in a holding pattern. He continued to use social media to keep his mind occupied.

“For me, Facebook has always been a love/hate relationship,” Beale said. “Having an understanding of the technology, I see how relationships via social media can play into a very delicate part of the human psyche. Reality is, I was using Facebook as a coping mechanism from confronting my own anxiety.”

He decided to take the next 40 days away from the social media site, and what began as a therapeutic experiment turned into a life-changing experience—an experience that has now begun to rip the conversation wide open on how a fast-paced, social-technology engulfed landscape is harming our ability to connect with ourselves and one another.  “I am concerned for the next generation and for my

facebook rehab
Facebook rehab

future child. I am concerned that they are learning poor coping skills from us which will absolutely affect their ability to emotionally cope with life’s stresses,” says Beale.

“This was something I never expected when sitting to write this book, but certainly appreciate it,” Beale said. “The letters and touching responses from readers revealing how my struggle has opened their minds to living with more purpose has reinforced the reason that I decided to share my story. That’s such a reward to me.”

Now recovered from his personal turmoil, Beale is happily married to a young woman he met during his 40 days off. They are expecting their first child this week.

If you’re seriously considering a Facebook rehab program this is the book for you. It’s an easy read and one that will encourage you as you walk towards recovery. You can purchase the book from Amazon.

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