AVG Cleaner among new list of products available from AVG

Vancouver Gadgets spoke with AVG’s Tony Anscombe on Friday about AVG’s Cleaner app and engaged in a lively discussion about the state of technology and gadgets from Tony’s and our perspective.

We first met with Tony and Dustin Woods from Marshall Fenn back in September of 2012. We also featured Tony back in October of 2012 as we talked about Social Engineering 101. This time we talked about  a new line of AVG products including Image Shrinker, Cleaner, and Tuneup.

Image Shrinker

Available on Android platforms, Image Shrinker allows you to save on your mobile data when you share your favorite pics via your smartphone. Those using an iPhone know that Mail on iOS already does this but we also know how stingy Canadian data plans are on the big three mobile carriers. This app lets you take pictures on your phone or tablet and uploading them to Facebook, Picasa, Instagram or email. AVG Image Shrinker can help you save on your monthly data plan by reducing the size of your photos and images before sharing them. Quite smart I would say.


Available on Android platforms and on the Google Play store, Memory and Cache Cleaner allows you to save space and boost speed of your Android phone. I had the Galaxy S4 still for review and was able to install Cleaner quickly and efficiently. It was fast and effective in scanning the S4. True there isn’t the normal data I have on my iPhone such as pictures, music,and movies which should slow down scan speeds on the Galaxy S4, but it was great to have an Android phone on hand to try these apps. Cleaner looks at your browsing history usage, phone calls log, Text messages (SMS) log, and Cache processes running in the background. You can also set up the app to automatically run at a daily or weekly frequency (default set to weekly) depending on usage level and available memory space.

Battery Saver and TuneUp

Battery Saver and Tuneup is the last AVG app we discussed and it gives you a quick snapshot of what’s going on with your device. With AVG TuneUp you can get more juice and extend your battery life as you can set an alert to let you know when turn off specific functions to save power for when you need it most. Better device stability is another feature of Tuneup as you can kill tasks to improve device stability and potentially speed it up. You can also check and remove unwanted apps or move them to an SD card to free up internal memory and check mobile data usage so you do not go over the limit and pay extra on your monthly bill.

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