Snugg iPad 4 Case is great for the iPad user on the go

Courtesy of our friends at Snugg, the Snugg iPad 4 case came to us a few weeks back and it’s been a gem to use ever since. Retailing at 29.99 in Canada, this case offers a number of good features.

Product Specs

It’s officially known as the Snugg Black PU leather iPad 4 case and its made using PU leather. Snugg tells us that this leather is strong and tear-resistant. Good to know especially if you are carting your iPad everywhere. The inside is made from nubuck, another interesting material, that will protect your iPad 4 should you drop it or if it falls off of a table.

This case is not just strong its also versatile as it folds around the back of the tablet and acts as a stand. This makes things easier if you are doing Skype video calling, something I do a lot. The specially positioned cut-outs on the edges of the case provide easy access to all of the iPad 4’s sockets, switches and cameras. This is essential if you plan to use your iPad for lots of activities on the go like I do.

This case also switches your iPad 4 on and off, a real bonus when you are traveling and trying to conserve battery life. You can  put your iPad into Sleep mode by closing the the cover and wake it up by opening the cover.

Our Thoughts

The Good

This case is a sturdy case that has a nice snug fit. As mentioned above, we like the fact it can stand up and this was especially good for recipe reading while working in the kitchen. It’s also easy to wipe clean.

Areas of Improvement

We did find that the style of case needs work. Its not particularly pretty or fashionable but that is not a huge deal. It’s just something to keep in mind while you are shopping for a case or if you come across it while looking at the Snugg against other case. We realized that it would also be nice to have a screen protector. A quick search of the Snugg website and our question was answered as they do offer such a product. The information can be found here.

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