Gadgets Podcast Episode 5

digital strategy

Vancouver Gadgets is pleased to present Gadgets Podcast Episode 5 recorded on April 29, 2013. Your host Ben Abel takes you through some interesting tech news from the last few weeks. The file name is Week Five strategy

April 29th Podcast Details

Our podcast this week is devoted entirely to our time at the Digital Strategy Conference on Tuesday April 23, 2013. At the conference we were part of a number of great presentations and a breakout session on developing and assessing the digital maturity of your organization. We also had the chance to listen to Dan Pontefract’s keynote on created a connected and engaged organization and information about his book Flat Army. Below is a snapshot of Dan’s book Flat Army.

What can I expect each week?

Each week we’ll talk about the top consumer electronics, social media and business news from the last week with a Vancouver, British Columbia, Pacific Northwest and Canadian focus!

Vancouver Gadgets is a Canadian Technology Blog focused on consumer electronics, social media and business featuring bloggers Jay Kenobi and Ben Abel. Follow us on Twitter at @vancouvergadget


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