Canadian credit unions let customers use Deposit Anywhere with smartphones

Deposit AnywhereCentral 1 Credit Union (Central 1) and three credit unions are poised to launch Deposit Anywhere, a new mobile banking app feature that makes it easy to deposit a cheque using a smartphone.

Deposit Anywhere is simple, secure and saves time. Users can deposit a cheque anywhere, anytime, in less than a minute, without having to visit a branch or find an ATM.

Credit unions will be the first financial institutions in Canada to offer remote deposit capture – the ability for members to use the camera in their mobile device to snap an image of the cheque they want to deposit and use their mobile banking app to deposit the item electronically. No more taking a cheque to a branch or an ATM. Deposit Anywhere is Central 1’s branded mobile deposit service.

Central 1 is working with Meridian in Ontario, Affinity Credit Union in Saskatchewan and Westminster Savings Credit Union in B.C. to launch Deposit Anywhere as part of their mobile banking applications.

Starting on April 17, members of Westminster Savings can use Deposit Anywhere when they download the free Westminster Savings mobile banking app from the Apple App Store or iTunes. Meridian and Affinity credit unions plan to launch the Deposit Anywhere feature in May.

For more information on Central 1 please visit its Product Page.

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