GALAXY S4 Hands-on preview on Wednesday April 17

Vancouver Gadgets received some exciting news today as we have been invited to a preview of the Galaxy S4 next week in Vancouver. This session will offer us a sneak peak in which we will learn more about the innovative features and hopefully take a device for a 2 week test period.

Galaxy S4
Galaxy S4

In the coming weeks, Samsung Canada will launch the highly anticipated new phone which the company says is the ultimate smartphone. It truly understands how to make every moment of life meaningful with an effortless user experience.

Ever since introducing the GALAXY S category, Samsung users have looked forward to feature-rich devices that complement their lives and this phone is yet another great proof point of people-inspired innovation. The GALAXY S4 will build on this promise of performance and style, offering innovative features that will benefit Canadians who are demanding more from their smartphone experience.

Vancouver Gadgets reviewed the Galaxy Note II back at Christmas time and this device was an impressive piece of hardware that delivered a great Samsung and Android experience. Stay tuned for more information on our blog!

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