Roam Mobility bridges your mobile gap when traveling to the US

Roam CEO
Roam Mobility CEO Emir Aboulhosn. Click here to view the interview on our You Tube Channel. 

Vancouver Gadgets recently caught up with Roam Mobility a company that is helping Canadian travelers avoid the steep roaming charges that you could incur when you use your cell phone in the US. To view our interview with Roam Mobility’s CEO Emir Aboulhosn please visit our You Tube Channel.

CBC News reported a story on Monday that’s likely all too familiar too many Canadians as Matt Buie received a whopping 22000 dollar phone bill after he returned from Mexico on vacation. His son had streamed over 12 hours of video from You Tube to his dad’s iPhone resulting in the huge bill while on vacation. The bill was later reduced down to 500 dollars from over 22,000 by Fido which is owned by Rogers.

Enter Roam Mobility

The same thing can happen to Canadian customers who travel to the US but Roam has a number of products which may help you avoid those charges.

“These products are designed for Canadians. No reason that when you cross the border you should disconnect. That’s where we feel Roam really has a niche” says Roam Mobility’s CEO Emir Aboulhosn.

It’s product line includes the Roam SIM Card, Breeze US Travel Phone and the Liberty USA Travel Hot Spot.

Roam SIM Card

The Roam SIM Card is available for 19.95 and can be found and most Canadian retail outlets as well as some unique places like travel consultants. “We’ve made it really easy for you to use Roam Products. With no dealer activation process, our SIM’s can be sold pretty much anywhere” says Aboulhosn.

The only caveat is that you must have an unlocked phone to use Roam’s SIM. Unlock phones have recently been a source of controversy in both Canada and the US recently with Canadian’s having the benefit of being able to unlock phones from their carriers while US users were told that unlocking a phone was illegal.

Breeze Travel Phone and Liberty Hot Spot

For those of you who don’t want to unlock your phone, the Breeze US Travel Phone offers you a  cheap handset that’s perfect for talk and text with the above mentioned SIM. It’s 19.95 for card. 30 for DUAL SIM phone.

If you are a Data Junkie and must surf the web while you are out of Canada, the Travel Hot Spot offers you Data rates of up to 21MBPS second. You can run multiple devices such as iPhone’s or iPad’s long as you are within 100 feet of each other. You can pick plan from 500MB to 5GB’s and Share with 5 people.

Perhaps the best spot to find Roam is at the Peace Arch Duty Free. Talk about convenient and great product placement!

Roam’s network was turned on January 11th, 2012 and the company really got going in March of 2012. Given it’s progress in this short space of time, we are sure to hear more about Roam over the next few years. Canadians likely won’t stop traveling across the US Border nor will they stop using a cellphone.


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