Sky Motion Research Hits a Home Run with Short Term Weather App

If you have lived in VancouverSky Motion Weather App like me for a long time then you know how much easier an app that predicts weather in the short term could make things. Well that day has now arrived as Montreal based Sky Motion Research Inc. unveiled this past August an app for Android and iOS devices that helps you better predict the weather from your computer and your smartphone. This app is free on all platforms.

The app does not rely on traditional meteorological models to properly track precipitation.  It achieves maximum accuracy by focusing on a short time span and the user’s precise location. I entered my postal code into it’s location request when I browsed the Skymotion site and within a few minutes I had information on the rain levels for the next two hours in an easy-to-read minute by minute forecast.

Sky Motion was founded by current CTO André Leblanc in 2008. According to Sky Motion Research Inc. CEO Maxime Julien this app “predicts with high efficiency when rain or snow  will start, how intense it is and when it will end.”

The original thinking behind the app is not what one would expect either.  “The root of all this work with this app was that our CTO,Andre Leblanc was commuting from home to work on his bike and was trying to figure out how not to get wet while bike riding says Julien.”

“Accuracy for us is based on the fact that we go short term. Meteorologists have long tried to solve the problem for mid to long term for weather. That leaves us with little or no poor information about what is going to happen in the next few hours.”

Currently basic precipitation is predicted by the app with no wind or other weather types as of yet.  “In 2013 we will definitely be adding more functionality and new features. We can’t discuss that as of yet but these new features will definitely change the way people use weather info.”

Stay tuned for more from Sky Motion Research. I plan to use this app throughout the winter when I need a quick short term weather forecast. You should too!

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