As easy as one 1-2-3. LedgerDocs makes accounting and bookkeeping that much easier

If you are like me and I hope you are not then you probably don’t understand much about book keeping or accounting for that matter.

CEO Wayne Zielke
LedgerDocs CEO Wayne Zielke

A recent North Shore news article however led me to discover that book keeping and accounting is now much easier for the average joe or jane who owns a small business. LedgerDocs a North Vancouver based company promises to revolutionize the way companies handle their accounting practices.

By downloading its mobile phone app, The app allows you to photograph and download bills and other book keeping information into your smartphone. Once that’s done all you need to do is press send. The invoices are then stored on the cloud and can be served in real time when you need them.

“With this application, we’ve solved the age old problem of trying to get the stuff you need to get to your bookkeeper. Now with the phone app, it’s a simple scan and send to them and to your web portal says Wayne Zielke.”

The app itself is available for both iPhone and Android. It’s an extension of the companies business operations which is centered around the use of a web portal that takes desktop accounting & bookkeeping software and turn them into powerful online tools using cloud accounting technology.

Packages such as QuickBooks and Simply Accounting are still usable as LedgersOnline plugs-in to your existing system.

The web portal itself is PHP powered and functions like an email Inbox. It has several pre-defined settings and offers a familiar Windows Explorer like interface. It uses the projects style format and has a nice feature in that it functions using one doc viewer and doesn’t make you open multiple windows to view documents.

You create an account and sign up for the service which offers a free 30 day trial. It’s possible to upload up to 20 docs at a time and then view them in the centralized web portal.

The web portal has been tested across multiple platforms and operating systems with Firefox and Google’s Chrome offering the best operating capabilities.

“The application also offers you the ability to tag various receipts and documents related to a customer or project which can then be looked up later online. This is incredibly convenient if you have a large number of receipts and documents for one particular client.”

Please check out our You Tube Channel for a short demonstration of the app.

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