Pinterest and Fancy: Image Bookmarking Gone Social

Pinterest and Fancy are two relative newcomers to the world of social media.  Both have yet to gather a following quite as large as Facebook or Twitter however, for businesses, they can provide a far more focussed platform than either of the best known social networks.  Pinterest and Fancy are both image book marking sites, which allow users to post images of their favourite stuff.  A cross between blogs, wish-lists and mood-boards, the sites allow users to create a visual record of the stuff they have, want or really, really want.  Pinterest allows users to create virtual post it boards for a range of products from room design to their favourite clothes.  Fancy is a very similar and both are excellent places to promote your business and here’s why.


There’s quite a startling gender divide between the two sites.  Pinterest has a female following of around 80 per cent, with Fancy weighing in at 60/40 split, with males being in the majority.  OK, so time for some gender stereotyping; Pinterest seems to be weighted towards design, be that home, fashion or lifestyle.  Fancy is also a design conscious site but there is a techie gadget focus that’s less apparent on Pinterest.  I’m blushingly aware that this statement panders to horrific gender stereotypes and suggest girls like pretty things and boys like techie things.  Basically both sites are pretty hot on design, however that is expressed.  So circumnavigating the gender issue, I’ll leave up to you to choose you’re demographic; ultimately if you produce or sell designer products you should be on one, the other, or both.

The Bottom Line

With approximately 10 million users and 3 million visiting every day, Pinterest leads the way in exposure.  Fancy trails behind on this one, with 250,000 users and 16,000 visits every day.  When it comes to exposure for your products, this needs to be balanced with the demographic and your target market.  If you produce welding equipment neither site is likely to attract much in the way of sales, unless it’s designer welding equipment.

Sales Techniques

Firstly, Pinterest has no inbuilt sales platform; given the number of users it’s tempting to think that one will surface eventually.  At the moment it works on a referral model.  Fancy does incorporate a sales function, which may make it seem more attractive to businesses but both sites are jam-packed full of users who are already looking to buy and that is what counts.

Sociable Marketing

There are blog sections on both sites, but both sites work on a wordless blog model.  It’s the images here that count and this is what you should focus on when creating your presence.  Don’t go for the hard sell; some commercial users happily promote other businesses as well as their own.  Pinterest and Fancy users are a pretty sophisticated bunch; they’re about style and look, and they can spot blatant commercialism from the other side of the world.  It’s a fine balance promoting your own products and others, so consider complimentary products and even think about working with companies that fit snugly with your product to create a vibrant attractive profile that will gain a following.  Like the big boys of the social networking site, both Pinterest and fancy are all about following.  Those with large followings gather the most interest.  Consider following, relevant users, whose profile fits your offering.  Building links in this way helps to grow your own group, which will lead ultimately to sales.


Author Bio

Carlo Pandian blogs about small business, covering everything from the best use of social media for small businesses to tutorials on QuickBooks online accounting software.  When he’s not online Simon enjoys getting out and about on his bike and enjoying great food.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest and Fancy: Image Bookmarking Gone Social

  1. Instagram might be another image and photo sharing site that you may want to investigate. It’s got an easy to use interface and Facebook just bought it for $1 billion so there must be something compelling about that platform.


  2. Interesting concept. I have yet to come across but it definitely something I am now going to check out. Pinterest is quickly growing I think to its link back to facebook. I haven’t seen a link back to Fancy as of yet. Thanks for the insight.


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