A Look at the New Integrated Comcast Home Security System

Home security systems have faced a number of significant advancements in the past 10 years. When you look at just a couple of simple technologies – such as wireless connectivity and digital imaging – you can begin to see how dramatic that change has been.

Today, home security systems are undergoing another significant revolution. More than just a way to detect or deter intruders, new home security systems like Xfinity Home from Comcast are forging ahead as full-blown home management systems.

Xfinity Home is spreading out to Comcast customers in a number of metropolitan areas, the most recent being the San Francisco Bay area in March of this year.  Billed as a home “lifestyle” system, Xfinity Home is the central hub of a home’s communications activity.

Home security and home automation

What makes these new systems different from traditional home security systems is that they integrate with other aspects of your home. For example, the Xfinity Home system not only checks door and window alarms, it also programs your thermostat and can be used to control lighting. In the case of cameras, the system captures either still time-lapsed photos or videos, which can be stored with Comcast for an additional fee.

The entire system can be controlled either through the in-home control panel, or via an app for your smartphone.

There are plenty of uses for this technology that come to mind, such as:

  • Disarming your alarm system when you’re at work and a house guest needs access to the home unexpectedly.
  • Turning up your furnace an hour or two out on your return trip home from vacation.
  • Turning lights on or off during the day, so as to simulate someone being home.
  • Remotely viewing your home security cameras to check up on children or caregivers.

Still plenty of security

Xfinity Home still includes all of the security features you’d want for a home alarm system. There are door and window monitors, cameras, and even a panic button that links right to fire or police. The system relies on a Wi-Fi and a 3G connection, making sure that you have connectivity no matter whether one of the systems fails. The system also includes window stickers and yard signs, which further serve to deter home invasions.

More to come

Comcast has announced that they’ll be adding even more features to the Xfinity Home system as time goes on. They will include things such as water sensors to detect home flooding or water leaks, and even remote controls for deadbolt locks or garage doors. Imagine being able to unlock your front door to let your child in after school, and then locking it behind them to keep them safe.

Currently, the service starts at just under $40 per month. Comcast isn’t the only company to offer this kind of system, either. There are a number of competitors out there that offer similar technologies, enabling you to manage your entire home from a single interface.

If you want more than just a security system, check out Xfinity Home today.

Jeremy Kushner is a home alarm systems enthusiast who blogs on topics related to crime and security. You can find more of his posts at HomeAlarmSystems.com.

Featured image courtesy of Comcast


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