To Tweet or not to Tweet; That is the Strategic Question

Della Smith
Q Workshops Della Smith

Today we welcome Della Smith. I met Della at one of her workshops in September where she discussed Twitter and the role it can play in companies and organizations who incorporate it as part of their Communications strategy.

Della is someone has worked with organizations in virtually every sector over the past 25 years. Her unique style and ability to quickly understand complex subjects or situations ensure high quality workshops that net results.

She closed her company Quay Strategies in August of 2009. She is now writing a book and dedicating her client time to facilitation, workshops and media training. Quay Strategies, a strategic public relations and communications firm, was established in 1995 and is based in Vancouver, BC.

For more information on Della check out her website

Della’s article is below.

I am a self-admitted Twitter junkie. I spend tons of time following interesting people and connecting to links of all sorts. However, I don’t tweet right now because it is not strategic for me.

Twitter can be a powerful and effective communications vehicle for organizations and individuals with interesting information to share. The key for most businesses to be successful in this arena is to ensure their reason for tweeting is strategic.

Making sure the use of Twitter is part of an overall communications strategy that fits your organization is the first step. The next is quality information. Content matters more than ever as people can gloss over your 140 characters in less than a second. Your tweet needs to stand out in between the scads of news about Demi Moore splitting with Ashton Kutcher or other such titillating gossip.

Traditional news values still apply whether you are tweeting or writing full- page editorials. Here are the quintessential eight news values you need to consider when entering the Twitterverse:

1. Humanity – people connect to information about people or opinions that impact them.

2. Conflict – disagreement or challenging points of view sparks interest.

3. Immediacy – now really means now, new stuff gets stale fast and it looks bad if you are reporting something that happened yesterday.

4. Novelty – the wacky and weird of the day.

5. Celebrity – Demi and AplusK make news just because of their profile. You can create your own celebrity news value based on the quality of your information.

6. Pix – pictures and videos can be great if you can intrigue me enough with your words to click.

7. Peril – anything in danger is news.

8. Locality – geographically pertinent news can trigger interest as much as information that is relevant to “people like me”.

So tweet away to your heart’s content, just please don’t be boring. Have at least one news value to keep us coming back for more. And, I’ll be tweeting soon, when I have a strategic reason. Stay tuned @dellasdeck

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