The Fastest Dual-Core Chip: A5

Vancouver Gadgets welcomes guest blogger Kate Wilsson who brings us the latest on the A5 Chip.

The fastest dual-core chip: A5

The iPad is all geared up to be powered with a new engine-the A5 chip. Apple has announced an all-new redesigned iPad which will be equipped with this dual core processor.

The A5 chip is a redefined version of the A4 chip that is currently the power force behind the iPad and iPhone4. The 10 hour battery life will be unchanged in a tablet that will now possess double the processing power of its previous version. It will also give almost twice the speed and performance of CPU’s found in earlier tablets.

There is more to the A5 chip than the dual core though. It has also enhanced graphic processing capabilities which will save time and still allow for great graphics with your new iPad. Consumers who fear that this might take a toll on battery life can be assured that Apple has not compromised an inch on battery life and will still offer the same 10-hour battery life to all those who use their products.

a5 Chip Courtesy of the Apple Insider
Apple’s A5 Chip

Performance differences are  evident when you are surfing the web, watching movies, or making video calls using FaceTime. Multitasking is easier; gaming is smoother and viewing animations is much clearer. Watching movies or videos will seem like a big screen experience. As the Apple officials put it, “Everything just works better.”

The dual core A5 chip is really an ace up Apple’s sleeve as it looks to take an even bigger bite out of the tablet market. This announcement is sure to cause heartburn in the tablet industry that can’t do anything but fear a drop in its market share when up against Apple.  This is not very good news to Motorola’s Xoom tablets that were the first dual core tablets to be released in the market earlier this year. Like Blackberry and Samsung, They may have to keep their fingers crossed so that they do not lose their loyal customers to the new iPad.

About the author: Kate Wilsson is a blogger by profession. Check out her blog She also loves writing on luxury and lifestyle and is fond of books. She recently bought a book on Industrial Design.

We would like to credit the Apple Insider for the use of the A5 Chip Photo.

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