Social Media Takes Centre Stage at Vancouver’s 2011 Stanley Cup Riots

With the bitter taste of the Stanley Cup final lost to the Bruins, Vancouverites are grappling with a bigger disappointment today as thousands of “fans” choose to riot in downtown Vancouver last night following the game. estimates that close to 100 people were arrested by Vancouver Police and that the damage to property has yet to be determined.

Many in the city are still reeling from shock at the magnitude and extent of the destruction. These events have definitely left a black eye on the face of a beautiful city.

However concerned citizens and the police have already have mobilized in the aftermath of the riots and are using the web to track and identify persons involved.

Police have obtained thousands of hours of video footage and they’ve asked that photos of the riot be submitted to investigators at or post videos of those involved on YouTube.

The website is another tool being used to help identify and charge these people. It links straight through to Facebook and does require a login to Facebook but once you hit like, the site appears on your profile.

The site also allows you to identify potential rioters who may be from a list of yours or others Facebook friends. For more information on this site, please click on the link above.

We also searched Facebook and found that a huge number of results came up when searching Vancouver Riots. The top page has over 21,000 likes by people and should continue to grow as the details of the events unfold.

While some may criticize the response of police in relation to the riots and for using such tools to identify people involved, we feel social media is a great tool to help the police identify and bring these people to justice.

We would also argue that social media can and is being used as another means for all of us to vent our displeasure with these events. It also shows us how these technologies can bring so many of us together and create a common voice that will speak out against this type of activity. Shame on a few people who ruined a great run and a great celebration. Should the Canucks make the finals next year and win, we hope these people won’t return.

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